I spotted this YouTube video on the Naftrade site this morning. If you've wanted to see the faces and hear the voices of Somali pirates - and glean some idea of how their minds work - the video is helpful, though there's nothing fundamentally new here. It's by Journeyman TV, which has done some previous work in Somalia and some interesting work in hot spots around the world.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of everything presented, but it does give us a feeling for life in that desperate place, and covers piracy from several points of view - pirates as prisoners, pirates operating freely, and government officials who may or may not be working with pirate forces. 

It's always interesting to see people doing what they do, even when they know they're on camera. Their reaction to that, too, tells you something about them. So watch and enjoy!

Have you been to Somalia, or the region lately? Can you shed light from your experience on what's presented here? Please feel free to share your observations with the rest of us!

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