Click photo to go to PIRACY TODAY BLOG
Just a brief post to let you know that we've started a blog on the Mariners Action Group site called PIRACY TODAY. It will be almost exclusively devoted to the MV Iceberg 1 specifically, pirate hostages in general, and developments that affect them. 

Please have a look and give us the benefit of your opinion. Your comments will be important - to the blog, and to the Mariners Action Group. Let us know what you think!
MV Iceberg 1 website home page - click to go there
A couple of days ago the Mariners Action Group established our official website. A screenshot of the Home page is posted above; click on it to go to the actual site. 

I hope you'll give it a look and let us know what you like about it, and what you think it needs. The site is there to do a job - to educate the public about MV Iceberg 1 and her captive crew, to tell people what the Mariners Action Group is all about (see the Mission Statement tab), and to guide those who want to do more to support the hostages to our membership site, so they can sign up and get involved. I hope you fit that description!

The site links to our other resources - consisting at the moment of the FB page, a Google+ page, and the membership site whose job is to sign up supporters and communicate with our membership as it grows. 

We've had great Facebook traffic - as of this moment, 2,292 people have "Liked" the FB page, and 50 have "Liked" the post on that page announcing the establishment of the website. The stats counter says that 117,698 folks have seen the page itself or a post about the page. The MV Iceberg 1 issue certainly excites people's concern. But somehow, that hasn't translated into active members. 

And we need members - members to sign petitions; members to support and give power to our contacts with other organizations who are working from various directions for the captive crew; members to provide their unique point of view about how to meet our challenges.

So I'm appealing to you to help solve this conundrum! First, obviously, by considering the Golden Rule. If you were a mariner in their shoes, you'd want every kind of support you could get - so we, as fellow mariners, should be prepared to give that support ourselves. 

Second, you can help by giving us your take on the whole effort: are there obvious gaps in what we're trying to do - is there something wrong with our way of trying to generate support - are we failing to make the case to those who are new to the issue? It's often very hard to see from the inside what is painfully obvious to someone on the outside.

Please let us know your views! And think about whether you can support the effort yourself. The MV Iceberg 1 hostages could be you and me!

Click the photo to go to Mariners Action Group membership site
Just a quick post to update you on some of our activity with regard to MV ICEBERG 1 - it's been a busy week.

Latest is that we've established a group - the MV Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group (MAG) - to help us organize our efforts, show that we have support, and gather recommendations for further action. I want to encourage you to click on over and see what you think - please consider joining the group and adding the weight of your membership and your ideas to our effort. No money is required - we're looking for support and good ideas.

(If you're unfamiliar with the MV Iceberg 1 story, click "Iceberg 1", "Iceberg 1 Movie", "Iceberg 1 A. Burney", "Iceberg 1 Petition", and "Iceberg 1 MAG" in the Categories column to the right of the page. Also, see this post on the Kennebec Captain maritime blog.)

We've also established a page at MV Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group on Facebook, which has had 1,132 "Likes" so far. I think this shows the strong level of support for more action with regard to the MV Iceberg 1 case, and also the high level of concern over the piracy problem among seamen. Have a look and let us know your opinion.

But especially, visit the MAG membership page linked to above! Join, comment, help support and shape this effort. Let's do all we can to bring an end to the suffering of the MV Iceberg 1 hostages, and raise awareness of the shameful inaction shown toward the piracy plague worldwide!