Some time ago we featured information about the building of Shell's beautiful new icebreaking AHTS AIVIQ along with a photo of Shell's existing ice-class supply vessel NANUQ with whom AIVIQ will partner in Arctic ops. (For the earlier story, see Icebreaker AIVIQ in the Categories section on the right side of the page) 

AIVIQ means "Walrus" in Inupiaq; the new ship was named by a 12-year-old girl in Nuiqsut, Alaska. The new AHTS will work with the previously-built NANUQ or "Polar Bear", an ice-class supply vessel also built by Edison Chouest. Poking around the excellent gCaptain site tonight  I saw a link to this video of the ship in action. 

AIVIQ was launched on 24 March and is now undergoing sea trials. She'll be working in the Chukchi Sea soon. Truly a landmark vessel, and as Arctic exploration gains momentum, we should see more. 

I've always had a strong attraction to icebreakers and the Polar regions, but never was able to satisfy it by working up there - I never even got to Alaska! This would be a memorable way for some seaman to satisfy that itch.

How would you like to be her lucky skipper?

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