(L-R): Chief Engineer John Williams, Bradley James, Mitchell James, West James, Capt. James Kelleher


HORIZON RELIANCE 3 - Interview with Capt. Kelleher, Part 2

This is what I've been waiting for - the story of how Capt. Kelleher and crew maneuvered their 863-foot ship in 30-foot seas to pick up the stricken yachtsmen (for the first half of this interview, click Horizon Reliance 2 in the Categories list on the right side of the page) . 

The yacht sinks in the process, and the victims are scattered on opposite sides of the ship, but the HORIZON RELIANCE's crew kept all in sight and got them all on board - excellent seamanship in a good cause, that makes you proud to be a fellow mariner! Here's the link: 


Enjoy - and if you have any similar experiences, let us know about them!

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