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In our last MV ICEBERG 1 post, we'd decided to try to mount a petition to apply pressure for the captive crew's release. I'm still working on that, and still need information about how best to direct the petition. Please see that previous post (below) for details on how you can help identify the best ministry/best official in the Indian government for us to target with our petition. I know we have some readers in India, so please chime in!

In the meantime, we've had an excellent suggestion. KC of the Kennebec Captain maritime blog (a very good blog run by a PCTC Master who operates in piracy waters) has suggested that we start a Facebook page called MV Iceberg 1 Mariners Action Group, to let more people know about the hostages and to gather support for them. 

We've done that, and the new Facebook MAG page is live. Please click on over and have a look - "Like" it if you approve, link to it, let others know about it - and I hope you'll use it as a news source about ongoing developments in the MV ICEBERG 1 case, and about piracy in general. 

I also hope that when you run across news, photos or other resources about the hostages that you'll inform the rest of us by leaving a comment on the MAG page with links. This is a community page, so we're depending on you to educate the rest of us with what you know and what you learn! Knowledge is power.

Please give the new Facebook MAG page a try. Feel free to comment on the FB MAG page itself with new MV ICEBERG 1 info, or with suggestions for improving the MAG page and reaching more people. Or, leave your comment right here - don't hold back, your honest input can only improve our outreach. You can help!

Kennebec Captain
9/27/2012 03:48:33 am

Good work. Facebook page looks good. I'll have a post up soon.


9/11/2013 03:20:51 am

Interesting article! Thanks to author.

Lauren Phillips
10/3/2012 07:17:43 pm

Here's an interesting tweet from Mr. Burney:

Perhaps the new forum should have a News subsection where these things can be posted for reference?



Reid Sprague
10/3/2012 10:44:25 pm

Dear Lauren,

There's a News tab we might use - I'm still kind of working out how the site works.

That's a good thought, though - to have a place were we could memorialize developments, whether relevant tweets, blog posts or news stories about actions taken by major players. It would be informative in the present, and would constitute an historical archive of sorts later on.

Appreciated the thoughts in your other forum post! With your permission, I'll let the post stand for a few days and see what other comments develop. With regard to the petition, in particular, we need to be pretty clear and intentional or the effort will be wasted. Thanks for starting that conversation.

Lauren Phillips
10/4/2012 10:32:13 am

Hello Reid,

Not a problem. Websites are tricky - I can imagine it'll take a while to sort.

The News subsection may be the perfect thing. I'll continue to collect stuff I see that's interesting and when you've decided what to do I can send stuff on. Though it seems you'll have all of the articles/resources yourself anyway.

Thanks! Yes, I can see having a focus would be really important. It's hard with all the complex issues to get one key focus, isn't it? I'm happy to have items cut from the suggested list in order to get that focussed message out to people who can do something about all this.



10/4/2012 01:02:56 pm

Lauren - Good comments.

Reid - Site looks good.


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