I'm on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter - I guess those are considered basic these days, with a lot of folks also on Pinterest and other services, too. So I'd like to solicit connections with mariners who have those accounts! Let's link up and broaden each other's worldviews. 

One of the great things about the maritime world is the sheer variety of people you work with and live with - folks you'd never know otherwise, from other countries and cultures. You learn to work in close cooperation on crucial operations, you learn to trust, and you often form friendships between cultures or faiths that you'd never have expected. I've had many assumptions about others tested and changed over the course of my maritime career. 

So check out my social accounts on the Contact Me page, and send an invite - I'll be sure to respond. It's another avenue for this blog to gather insights and news about the fascinating maritime world we live in! And don't neglect to respond to any posts you see here that pique your interest, or that you feel you could add to - every point of view adds value for all of us. Thanks!

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