Here's a gCaptain blog post with a link to news footage of a rescue in the Pacific, by the Horizon Lines ship HORIZON RELIANCE. Sounds like an excellent job by the HORIZON RELIANCE's sailors - good planning, great execution, superb shiphandling. Reading this made me proud, and shows that most seamen hew to the sea's best traditions of heroism, skill and self-sacrifice.

There's a TV news interview with the Chief Mate, who took a leading part in the recovery; and another interview with the rescued sailors, including a nine-year-old boy. They had been sailing from Mexico to Hawaii when their sailboat was dismasted, disabled, and began to sink. Good report, and a much truer picture of the men of our profession than the COSTA CONCORDIA reporting that has flooded the media recently!

Please contact me with any similar experiences you can relate! We'd love to hear about it, and will post or link it here for others to enjoy.

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