One of the guys I work with directed me to this (thanks, Phil!) - he saw it on the Workboat Magazine website. A pusher tug has got caught in a strong current under a bridge in Portsmouth, NH - she's heeled over badly and taking water. You can see her engines working to try to free her, with little result. 

Suddenly from upriver the harbor tug arrives - a single-screw Moran boat - spins around, maneuvers close to the trapped pusher and passes her a line. Within minutes they're towing her upriver, still listing but free. The crew were said to be all right. A good job done by the Captain of the harbor tug, handling his single-screw boat in a strong current in close quarters with skill and aplomb.

Great video - a film crew happened to be on scene for another purpose, and were able to record this rescue in HD!

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