NANUQ, an ice-class supply vessel that will work in tandem with AIVIQ
An unsatisfied ambition of mine was to work in the Arctic - the Polar and high-latitude regions have intrigued me since as a kid I read Shackleton and Rockwell Kent. 

Now that the Arctic ice cap is shrinking, we've started seeing a lot of exploration for energy, mining, and other commercial activity up there - not to mention the recent opening of the Northwest Passage and the Northern Sea Route as practical shortcuts between Europe and Asia. Vessels like Shell's new private icebreaker designed for oil exploration will become more and more common over the coming decades. 

Here's the link to the story, or you can also click on the photo of another of Shell's ice-class vessels, the NANUQ, above:

Anyone out there involved in this sort of work? I'd love to hear about your experiences, and pictures would be very welcome too - I'll post them for the world to see.

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