This is really the first post for the blog to be known as The Chain Locker. On good advice from my son, I’m going to try to post regularly, often, and stay within the fields I know something about: the marine business, in which I’m a professional; and an occasional detour into tech, in which I’m an enthusiastic amateur.  The two are increasingly intertwined these days. Also, I may refer readers to books & websites that are good resources for those two things. And I may ask questions – there’s much I don’t know about in our rich & varied maritime world!

Some ideas I’m interested in exploring:

·      Getting other marine professionals to send in photos of the places they go, the ships they’re in, and the things they do & see, for posting on the site;

·      Correspondence with mariners along those same lines, with original news and insight from your end of the industry; and,

·      To try to make sure the information that appears here is either original, or at least well corroborated, and to link only to reliable web sources.

More will develop as time goes by, I’m sure, and –  provided that this blog becomes interesting enough for anyone to follow – I’ll be happy to incorporate ideas you may have for suiting it more to your own purposes. Please feel free to critique, correct, set me straight, illuminate, or expand on anything you read here!

Many vessels these days have Internet access, crewmembers have digital cameras and cell phones, and sailors worldwide are very savvy with regard to tech. Information flies around the world more freely than it ever has, in spite of challenges from governments & fears about security in some parts of the world.

I hope you’ll take advantage of our ability to communicate, to let the world have a peek into your own personal and professional maritime universe. As sailors, we live apart from the bulk of the world’s people, and many of those folks have no idea what our lives are like!

Please consider this blog to be your blog – your soapbox – your picture gallery. I look forward to getting to know every sailor from every environment who takes the trouble to communicate, to post your thoughts and photos without undue editing, and I look forward to making many friends and learning a lot about my favorite business!

In the next post I’ll give a rundown of my own career up to this point.


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