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I wanted to let everyone know that I've started a new blog, focussing specifically on LNG and LNG shipping, on the WordPress blogging platform. It's called, and that's the URL, too: I hope you'll click on over and have a look. 

The Chain Locker blog will stay right here, and will continue to highlight general maritime interests; only (I hope) getting better in response to your feedback! 

And I especially encourage you to comment and criticize the new blog, if you feel like helping to shape and focus it - being brand new new, it can really benefit from your informed questions and good suggestions. I want it to become a reliable source of information about LNG, and an interesting forum for discussion on that topic. I need your help! So don't be shy.

You can leave comments here or over at the new blog - I'll respond to them either way. Please let me know what you think! And thanks.