Something I ran across yesterday - this video is from a company producing a remote-controlled water cannon for use against pirate skiffs. I don't know what the flow rating might be - from my personal experience with FiFi-1 units I'd say between 1,000 - 2,000 GPM, but it's just a guess - but it looks capable enough to seriously incommode a small boat.  

The system is touted as portable - perhaps it's meant to be leased or rented, mounted on a ship for transit through a danger zone and then sent back. I might not want it as my sole reliance, but it would certainly let a Captain "reach out and touch someone" in a potentially non-lethal manner. The FiFi-1 cannons I'm acquainted with can be very destructive, so you might want to use this with caution if you were concerned with human life. Looks as though it would dampen their ardor! 

Do you have any experience with anything similar? What other anti-pirate measures have you seen? Please let us know about it in Comments!

Post Edit: Here is a link to a good op-ed piece by Rhys Clift on Safety4Sea:

His subject is ransoms, and the talk lately from some quarters about preventing their payment - "the price of a life". I think his critique is right on the money - in the absence of alternative ways of safely freeing captive mariners, prohibiting ransom payments is irresponsible. Give it a read and see what you think.

You're on the front lines, sailors - please let us know your thoughts about this!